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Reichstag location: How to get there, transport options, directions, & more!


Reichstag, the historic German parliament building in Berlin, is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the city. Established in 1884, the building has not only sustained the test of time but has stood proud in the heart of the city for more than a century. Read on to find out how to get to Reichstag Berlin, your transportation options and insider tips you'll need for a seamless trip.

Where is the Reichstag Located?

Getting to the Reichstag Berlin by Public Transport

By Bus
By Metro
By Train
Getting to Reichstag via Bus Map

Travel Time: 15-17 mins from the Alexanderplatz

Closest Stop: Reichstag/Bundestag

Timings: 7 AM to 11:45 PM (timings may vary)

Ideal For: Budget-conscious travelers

Buses run daily with varying frequencies throughout the week, beginning early in the morning all the way through late at night. Board the bus 100 and alight at the Reichstag/Bundestag stop. The Reichstag Building should be a sheer 3 minute walk from the stop.

Getting to Reichstag via Metro Map

Travel Time: 15 mins U-Bahn from the Alexanderplatz

Route: U2 (Red Line), U5 (Brown Line), U6 (Purple Line)

Closest Station: U Bundestag

Timings: 4:30 AM to 1 AM on Weekdays, and for 24 hours on Weekends.

Ideal For: Time-strapped travelers

U Bundestag is the nearest U-Bahn station to the Reichstag Building. Several U-Bahn lines operate through the station including U2, U5 and U6. Board on either of the routes to reach the Reichstag. The site is just a 7 minute walk away from the station. Trains are frequent and operate every few minutes during peak hours.

Getting to Reichstag via Train

Travel time: 12-15 minutes from Alexanderplatz

Route: S1 and S26.

Closest Station: Brandenburger Tor.

Timings: 24 hours a day.

You can opt for S1 and S26 train lines to the Brandenburger Tor rail station which is a 7 min walk from the Reichstag building.

Getting to Reichstag by Car

Getting to Reichstag by Car Map

Driving Route

Opt for the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße/B2/B5 route if you’re heading to the Reichstag from the Alexanderplatz. It should ideally take you around 15 minutes to reach the attraction.

Parking Near Berlin TV Tower

Parking Facilities

  • Parkhaus Unter den Linden: The car park is located within a 10 minute walking distance and is largely preferred by tourists.
  • Parkhaus Galerie Lafayette: Located in the heart of Berlin's shopping district, this car park is about a 15-minute walk from Reichstag Berlin.
  • Parkhaus Hauptbahnhof: Located near the Berlin Central Station, this car park is about a 17 min walk from Reichstag Berlin.

Walking to Reichstag

Getting to Reichstag via Foot. Walking to Reichstag building in Berlin

Travel time: 25 mins from the Berliner Dom

Distance: 2 km

Ideal for: First-time visitors or those looking for soaking in the sights of the city.

Opt for walking to the Reichstag building  via Georgenstraße as the route offers plenty of sights to see along the way. Head north from Berliner Dom towards the Spree River. Turn right onto Georgenstraße and continue straight for about 1.3 kilometers until you reach the Reichstag building.

Highly convenient and straightforward, enjoy a mini city tour with landmarks such as the Pergamonmuseum, Museum Island and the Berlin State Opera. Along the way enjoy Berlin’s street culture including quaint restaurants and local shops while glancing upon the tranquil waters of the Spree.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Getting to Reichstag

Q. Where is the Reichstag Building located?

A. Reichstag Berlin is located at Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin, Germany.

Q. Which city is the Reichstag in?

A. The Reichstag or the German Parliament building is located in the city of Berlin, Germany.

Q. How do I get to Reichstag Berlin?

A. The easiest and fastest way to get to the Reichstag building is via metro. Opt for lines U2 (Red Line), U5 (Brown Line), U6 (Purple Line) to get to the destination.

Q. Which is the closest bus stop to Reichstag Berlin?

A. The closest bus stop to the Reichstag building is the Reichstag/Bundestag stop, which you can get to via bus line 100.

Q. Which is the closest train station to Reichstag Berlin?

A. The closest train station to the Reichstag building is the Brandenburger Tor station, which is served by the S1 and S26 train lines.

Q. Can I park at Reichstag Berlin?

A.  No, there are no parking facilities available on site at the Reichstag building.

Q. Are there parking facilities near Reichstag Berlin?

A. There are several parking facilities near the Reichstag building, including the Parkhaus Unter den Linden, Parkhaus Galerie Lafayette and Parkhaus Hauptbahnhof.