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Step in and steep yourself in history at the Reichstag, the focal point of several significant events in German history. The German word for its Parliament Building in Berlin, the Reichstag offers many exhibitions that allow you to glimpse into Germany’s art and culture, paired with a view to remember from its rooftop and of course, a guide through Germany’s parliamentary history. It makes for a must-have destination on your Berlin itinerary.

Read on to know all about the Reichstag Building, its importance to Berlin, what to expect inside, and more!

Quick Facts about the Reichstag

Bundestag | About the Reichstag Building in Berlin
  • Also Known As: Deutscher Bundestag
  • Location: Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin, Germany
  • Established: 1894
  • Architectural Style: Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Baroque, and Postmodern
  • Architect: Paul Wallot
  • Number of Visitors Per Year: Approximately 3 million
  • Height: 47 meters
  • Dome diameter: 40 meters

What is the Reichstag?

Reichstag Building in Berlin

The Bundestag, also known as the Reichstag, stands as the abode of Germany's parliamentary governance. The original Reichstag building, erected in 1894, met its untimely demise in a fire in 1933. Despite the aftermath of World War II leaving it in ruins, the Reichstag was restored under the vision of British architect Sir Norman Foster in 1999.

Today, the iconic structure not only stands as an emblem of German democracy but also welcomes visitors from all over the world to learn about Germany’s parliamentary history and take in Berlin’s skyline from its roof. 

Why Visit the Reichstag?

Whether you’re a history buff, looking for the best views, or just wondering if you should add another landmark to your itinerary– here are some reasons why you can’t miss visiting the Reichstag in Berlin.

  • Learn about German history: From the rise of the Nazi Party to the fall of the Berlin Wall, a visit to the Reichstag is a great way to learn about its role in German history.
  • Marvel at the Architecture: Explore a blend of Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Baroque, and Postmodern styles along with the Reichstag’s most distinctive feature: the glass dome. 
  • Visit the German Parliament: Home to the German Parliament, you can take a guided tour of the Reichstag building and attend a session of Parliament.
  • Panoramic Views: Take an elevator to the top of the dome and walk around the spiral ramp to the bottom all while enjoying views of the Berlin Skyline
  • Learn about Sustainability, Art & Culture: Walk into one of the most sustainable buildings in the world and browse through a variety of exhibitions that display contemporary art. 

Plan Your Visit to the Reichstag Building

Where is the Reichstag Located?
What are the Reichstag Opening Hours?
Reichstag Building in Berlin
Reichstag Building in Berlin

History of Reichstag in a Nutshell

Reichstag Building in Berlin

Architecture & Design of Reichstag

Reichstag Building in Berlin

Things to see Inside Reichstag

Reichstag Building in Berlin

Dome of the Reichstag

Enjoy 360-degree views of Berlin from this transparent dome made of 3,000 glass panels.

Reichstag Building in Berlin

Plenary Chamber

Explore the chamber where the German parliament convenes to carry out discussions.

Reichstag Building in Berlin

Roof Terrace

Bask in the open-air design and take in iconic landmarks such as the  Brandenburg Gate and the Tiergarten. If you’re hungry, enjoy the view while grabbing a bite. 

Reichstag Building in Berlin

Historical Exhibitions

Gain insights into the dynamic history of the building through interactive displays, multimedia installations, and historical artifacts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reichstag Berlin

Q. What is Reichstag?

A. The Reichstag or the Bundestag is the seat of the German Parliament and one of the iconic landmarks of Berlin.

Q. Why is Reichstag famous?

A. Apart from its impressive architecture, the Reichstag is known for being the site where the German Parliament convenes to discuss issues. You can also explore exhibitions, interactive displays, and more to learn about its history. 

Q. What can I do at the Reichstag?

A. Visitors to the Reichstag can take a guided tour of the building, visit the glass dome for impressive views of the city, and also attend parliamentary sessions, or view the exhibitions.  

Q. Who designed the Reichstag?

A. The original Reichstag building was designed by architect Paul Wallot and opened in 1894. After the building was damaged in a fire in 1933 and later destroyed during World War II, it was reconstructed by British architect Sir Norman Foster.

Q. When was the Reichstag built?

A. The original Reichstag building was built between 1884 and 1894 during the reign of Emperor William II. The building was later destroyed during World War II and was reconstructed between 1995 and 1999.

Q. Where is Reichstag located?

A. The Reichstag building is located at Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin.

Q. How can I get to the Reichstag?

A. The Reichstag building is easily accessible by public transport. You can opt for bus, metro, trains, and even cabs to get to the Bundestag.

Q. What are Reichstag timings?

A. The Reichstag’s opening hours are 8 AM to 12 AM daily with the last admission at 10 PM.