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arise grand show - tickets-5
arise grand show - tickets-6
arise grand show - tickets-7
arise grand show - tickets-8
arise grand show - tickets-9
arise grand show - tickets-1
arise grand show - tickets-2
arise grand show - tickets-3
arise grand show - tickets-4
arise grand show - tickets-5
arise grand show - tickets-6
arise grand show - tickets-7
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ARISE Grand Show - Tickets

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2 hr. 30 min.
  • Have your breath taken away by the extraordinary performances of 100 artists, extravagant set design, and a universal message of love and hope in the ARISE Grand show.
  • Having already satisfied 300,000 guests, this evocative production is said to be the most spectacular show in Europe (The Daily Express, London).
  • The show tells the story of Cameron, a photographer, who travels the world with his muse. When he loses, his world falls apart. But it’s then that he learns to fall in love with life again.
  • The show is divided into 2 Acts with performances placed under themes such as ‘The Photoshoot’, ‘Demons’ ‘Sunrise’, the penultimate ‘Arise’, and much more.
  • The audience is taken on his journey of memories, loss, and re-discovery in the form of out-of-this-world dance, music, and acrobatic stage performances.
  • Directed and written by Oliver Hoppman, this is a show that’s set to inspire and warm the soul and shouldn’t be missed at any cost.


  • Ticket to the show
  • Use of cloakroom
  • WiFi


  • Food and drinks (available for purchase at the venue)
  • You can get your tickets redeemed at the cash desk in the venue.
  • This show is approx 2.5 hours with a 25-min break.
  • The show is suitable for guests 8 and over.
  • You can only select a seating category but not the precise seats. The organizer will make every effort to allocate the best remaining seats in the selected category.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Friedrichstadt-Palast is one of the biggest and most contemporary show palaces in Berlin, Europe. The theatre is one to behold, with its historically old architectural interiors and modern facade. Back then, the place served as an entertaining circus and vaudeville theatre that hosted lighthearted comical shows entrenched with engaging musicals and ballet performances.

The theatre is renowned worldwide for its revue shows that profoundly regale the stories of hope, love, and life. Add to that the glittering artists, breathtaking visuals, and captivating underwater imagery evokes awe from its audience.  

One of its recent shows, ARISE, premiered post-pandemic and has received acclaim from critics everywhere, terming it one of the most enthralling of current times!

Read along to learn more about how you can enjoy a revue at the grandest theatre of all time - all about the tickets, shows, timings, etc.!

Why Visit Friedrichstadt-Palast?

Friedrichstadt-Palast Tickets - Shows

If you are a fan of live entertainment shows and want to experience the glitz and glamour that only the best and biggest theatre stage in the world can produce, then you cannot miss going to Friedrichstadt-Palast!

  • The theatre hosts some of the most spectacular shows – the ARISE grand show being the most jaw-dropping, heartfelt, and dazzling one!
  • You will witness the magic of the talented trapeze artists, aerialists, and showgirls clad in twinkling gold outfits.
  • There are also 14 majestic fountains, breathtaking waterfalls, an 8-meter geyser, and a magnificent pool that holds over 160,000 litres of water every night, swiftly turning into the main stage full of glittering musicians and dancers when required.
  • The vast, circular stage in the centre tilts, rises, and revolves throughout the live entertainment, thus adding further visual impact on the viewers.
  • The theatre, especially the ARISE grand show, casts people from around 26 countries for both on and off-stage roles, making it a diverse, world production.
  • The live entertainment productions are also ideal for foreign visitors who cannot communicate in German.

What Is The Best Way To Buy Friedrichstadt-Palast Tickets? Book Online!

Friedrichstadt-Palast is one the largest theatres that present the most glamorous revue shows encompassing over a hundred artists. Since the palace has only limited seats of under 2,000, and a long list of eager audiences, tickets often sell out quickly. Don’t miss your chance to visit Palast Berlin; make sure to purchase your tickets online for a hassle-free experience. It comes with several benefits, too.

  • Convenience: Booking your tickets online will allow you to skip the long queues at the theatre box office, thus helping you save ample time and effort.
  • Advance booking: By booking your tickets online, you can ensure that your seats are reserved before the show sells out.
  • Discounts: The best advantage of purchasing online tickets is getting excellent deals and discounts!

Plan Your Visit to Friedrichstadt-Palast

Getting There
Facilities & Accessibility
Food & Drinks
Friedrichstadt-Palast Tickets - Timings
  • Show Duration: The show is two and a half hours including a 25-minute break
  • Show Timings: 3:30 PM and 7:30 PM
  • Entry Timings: One hour before the show commences
Friedrichstadt-Palast Tickets - Getting there

Palast-Berlin is located at the heart of Berlin-Mitte, making it an easily accessible theatre, regardless of your chosen transportation mode.

Reaching Friedrichstadt-Palast by tram

  • If you get on Lines M1 and 12, you need to step off at U Oranienburger Tor
  • If you get on Line M6, step off at S Oranienburger Straße
  • It's a 5-minute walk on foot from both the stops mentioned above

Reaching Friedrichstadt-Palast by Bus

  • If you take Line 142, step down at Hannoversche Straße
  • If you take Line 147 and step down at Friedrichstraße/Reinhardtstraße

Reaching Friedrichstadt-Palast by U-Bahn (metro)

  • Take Line U6 and go straight to U Oranienburger Tor

Reaching Friedrichstadt-Palast by S-Bahn

  • Regional rail transport and Lines S1, S2, S3, S5, S7, S9, S25, and S26 will take you to Friedrichstraße station – a 5-minute walk to the theatre from there
  • Lines S1, S2, S25, and S26 will take you to Oranienburger Straße station – a 5-minute walk to the theatre from there

Reaching Friedrichstadt-Palast from the train station

  • If you are at the Berlin Central Station, you can take a regional train or S-Bahn to reach Palast Berlin in 10 minutes
  • You can also take a taxi from the central station and reach the theatre in 15 minutes

Reaching Friedrichstadt-Palast from airport

  • If you are at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, then you can take a regional train or S-Bahn to reach Friedrichstraße station in 35 minutes
  • It’s a 5-minute walk from the Friedrichstraße station to the Palast Berlin
Friedrichstadt-Palast Tickets - Facilities & Accessibility
  • Wheelchair parking and space in the theatre
  • Washroom for disabled people
  • Induction loop for acoustic hearing for people with auditory troubles
  • Table reservation at the bar
  • Free access to the foyer
  • Cloakroom
  • Complimentary wi-fi
Friedrichstadt-Palast Tickets - Food & Drinks
  • Snacks like Pretzel, selected cheese specialties, Berlin Currywurst, strawberries in white chocolate, etc
  • Drinks include beer, wines, long drinks, non-alcoholic beverages such as mineral water, Vita Cola, tea and coffee

Looking back at Friedrichstadt-Palast’s history

Friedrichstadt-Palast Tickets - History

Preceded by the Old Friedrichstadt-Palast building located near Schiffbauerdamm, the new Friedrichstadt-Palast building is situated in the district centre of Mitte, Berlin. Today, the place is well-renowned as Palast Berlin - the term designated to both the building and the revue theatre built inside.

The theatre has a rich history of hundred years and is known for its best show or revue entertainment throughout Berlin. Moreover, it is claimed to be the most prominent theatre stage around the world. The theatre owes all its praise to the three excellent artists and visionaries – Erik Charell, Hans Poelzig, and Max Reinhardt.

Visitor Tips

  • The show is around 2.5 hours long, including a 25-minute interval and the doors to the theatre will open an hour before the commencement of the show, so come well in time
  • The entry for the evening shows opens at 07:10 p.m.
  • The door for the afternoon performances opens at 03:10 p.m
  • During the 25-minutes interval, you can buy some drinks and snacks available at the bar, but that’s not included in the ticket
  • You can give your drinks and snack order to the bar before the show begins to avoid standing in long queues later
  • Free Wi-Fi is available in the theatre hall as well as the foyer and outside the box-office
  • Do not take any photographs or videos since it’s restricted for copyright purposes
  • If you are bringing kids along, make sure they are older than 6

Frequently Asked Questions About Friedrichstadt-Palast

Q) Where can I book tickets for the Friedrichstadt-Palast shows?

A. You can book your tickets to Friedrichstadt Palast shows online as well as through a theatre’s hotline or box office. Booking tickets online is more convenient, though.

Q. Can I book online tickets to Friedrichstadt-Palast?

A. Yes, you can book Friedrichstadt-Palast tickets online for a hassle-free booking experience.

Q. Where will the food and drinks be served at Palast Berlin?

A. While the guests can put their food and drinks order at the bar before the show begins, these meals will only be served during the 25-minutes interval. 

Q. Can you bring drinks and food inside the theatre during the show?

A. Unfortunately, no, you cannot. You can enjoy your gourmet food at the bar both before the show and during the interval.

Q. Are kids allowed in the Palast-Berlin venue?

A. Yes! Palast Berlin recommends the Grand Shows for individuals aged six and above. The Kids' show is more suitable for young kids of 3 and above.

Q. What is the minimum recommended age for Grand Shows?

A. The Palast Berlin theatre stipulates that the minimum age entry requirement for Grand Shows is eight years. Any child under the age of 6 will not gain entry to the show.

Q. Is photography allowed during the Friedrichstadt-Palace show?

A. Due to copyright issues video, photo, and audio recordings are not allowed during the show. You can take a video or photograph only during the final applause.

Q. Are the grand shows suitable for international guests?

A. The Grand Shows are revue shows that do not follow any classic storyline or use spoken texts. So, regardless of whether you understand German, you can still enjoy the show.

Q. What is the dress code for Palast Berlin?

A. There is no dress code or restriction at Palast Berlin. You can wear whatever you are comfortable in, as long as it's appropriate for the occasion. Trainers and sportswear are not allowed.

Q. Is Palast Berlin well accessible for disabled individuals?

A. Yes! The theatre has four wheelchair spaces. Moreover, it also provides an induction loop for guests with auditory troubles to enjoy the show's acoustics.

Q. Does Palast Berlin have proper ventilation?

A.  The Palast Berlin is installed with a proper air-conditioning system that ensures consistent temperature and exchanges the air inside the theatre eight times every hour.

Q. Is there any car parking space available at Friedrichstadt-Palast?

A. Unfortunately, the Palast Berlin theatre does not currently offer any parking space, but many other parking options are available nearby.