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Inside the Berlin TV Tower | Interactive exhibits, 360-degree views, & dining in the sky

Berlin TV Tower | An architectural marvel adorning Berlin’s skyline

The Berlin TV Tower, standing tall on Alexanderplatz, is an iconic symbol of the city's skyline and a testament to both Cold War history and modernity. As you can imagine, the tallest building in Germany would be the perfect locale from where you can catch unmatched views of Berlin’s skyline. Complement these gorgeous views with a lovely drink and meal at the city’s highest bar and restaurant. Read on to learn more about what’s inside the famous TV tower and how to access it. 

What’s inside the Berlin TV Tower?

Berlin TV Tower Observation deck

Observation deck

Located at a sprawling height of 668.6 ft, the observation deck offers 360-degree panoramic views of the city and its landmarks, including the Red Townhall and the Berlin Cathedral. The viewfinders located on the viewing floor allow you to look as far as the eye can see.

Berlin TV Tower Sphere Bar

Sphere Bar

Located on the viewing floor, you have the opportunity to grab a delicious cocktail as you enjoy the views of Berlin’s skyline. The viewing floor and the Sphere Bar together make for great photo opportunities.

Berlin TV Tower Sphere Restaurant

Sphere Restaurant

The unique revolving restaurant is located on the top levels of the tower. With one revolution every 30 minutes, you are guaranteed every possible view of the city of Berlin below, complemented by live music in the background. Enjoy fine dining at any hour of the day, with a special menu and discounted prices for children.

Berlin TV Tower Odyssey

Berlin Odyssey

Enjoy a unique VR viewing experience at the TV Tower that lasts between 12 to 15 minutes, taking you through almost 9 centuries of the history of the city of Berlin. Also, enjoy a showing of the construction phases of the Berlin TV tower, and dive into the areas of the tower that are not accessible to the public. 

How to go inside the Berlin TV Tower?

Skip-the-Line Fast View Tickets to Berlin TV Tower
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Mobile Ticket
45 min.
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Berlin TV Tower: Fast View & Restaurant Reservation Ticket
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1 hr. - 1 hr. 30 min.
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Skip-the-Line Fast View Tickets to Berlin TV Tower with Meals & Drinks
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1 hr. 30 min. - 2 hr.
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Combo (Save 8%): Berlin TV Tower Skip-the-Line Tickets + Big Bus 24/48-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Berlin Tour
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VR Experience with Optional Fast View Tickets to Berlin TV Tower
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15 min. - 1 hr.
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Berlin TV Tower visitor tips & guidelines

  • Arrive early: Do arrive at the tower 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled slot, as you might have to face a queue at the elevator and security check. 
  • Check the weather: Do time your visit according to the weather conditions, as the observation deck on a cloudy day may not provide a satisfactory experience. Clear sunny days are the best to visit the TV tower.  
  • Note what’s restricted: Visitors are not permitted to carry bottles or containers filled with any liquid inside.  
  • Minimize your wait time: Early morning or late night tickets are best if you would like to shorten your wait time for the elevators and the security check. Sunset hour is usually the busiest. 
  • Note the separate reservations: Restaurant tickets do not include access to the observation deck. Both tickets must be purchased separately, or a combo ticket must be purchased.
  • No cloakroom: Storage items such as bags, strollers, prams, or backpacks are not permitted inside the tower. 
  • Not accessible to wheelchair users: Unfortunately, visitors with limited mobility cannot be accommodated at the tower as of today. The tower is not equipped with the features to ensure their safety in the event of an emergency. 
  • Book tickets online: During peak season, the ticketing queue to enter the tower can last up to two hours. Therefore it is advisable to book your tickets online in advance. 

Frequently asked questions about what’s inside the Berlin TV Tower

What is inside the Berlin TV Tower?

The Berlin TV Tower offers its visitors a sky-high observation deck, a fine-dining restaurant, a bar, as well as a 15-minute VR experience. 

Can I go inside the Berlin TV Tower?

Yes, visitors are required to purchase Berlin TV Tower tickets to visit the observation deck or go to the Sphere restaurant for their dining experience.

What are some must-see highlights inside Berlin TV Tower?

The observation deck provides its visitors with sprawling views of the city. The revolving Sphere restaurant also ensures visitors have a 360-degree panoramic view every 30 minutes. The Berlin Odyssey VR experience also offers you insights into almost three centuries of Berlin’s history and the history of the tower.

Do I need a ticket to go inside the Berlin TV Tower?

Yes, you need to book Berlin TV Tower tickets to go inside the tower. Note that you need separate tickets to go to the observation deck and to enjoy a meal at the Sphere restaurant. For the best experience, you can choose combo Berlin TV Tower tickets.

Can you take pictures inside the Berlin TV Tower?

Yes, you are welcome to take pictures inside the tower. The observation deck makes for the best photo opportunities.

Is there a dress code I should follow to go inside the Berlin TV Tower?

No, there is no dress code to be followed. However, visitors tend to don smart-casuals when they visit the Sphere restaurant.

Is going inside the Berlin TV Tower worth it?

The Berlin TV Tower offers you the opportunity to experience the city from new heights. You can enjoy a virtual reality tour that offers important insights into the construction process and cultural significance of the tower.