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Berlin TV Tower entrances | Admission details, visitor information, & more

The Berlin TV Tower, or Fernsehturm Berlin, is a broadcasting facility that is also the tallest structure in Germany. Standing 368 meters tall, it offers panoramic views from its observation deck and houses a revolving restaurant. Here’s everything you need to know about entering this iconic landmark.

Where is the Berlin TV Tower located?

Berlin TV Tower entrance

The Berlin TV Tower has one main entrance, which is located at its base. It can be accessed from the pedestrian area in Alexanderplatz. This entrance leads to the ticketing area and the elevators that will take you up to the observation deck.

The Berlin TV Tower observation deck is located on the upper level, 203 metres (666 feet) above the ground. The entrance to the Sphere restaurant is within the observation sphere at the top of the tower. Visitors with restaurant reservations can access this area from the observation deck level.

Berlin TV Tower entrance | Location & getting there

Berlin TV Tower entrance location

Disabled access at Berlin TV Tower

The Berlin TV Tower is not equipped with accessibility measures for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues.

During the construction phase of the tower, limited attention was paid to making it accessible. The authorities have made multiple attempts in the past to try and integrate a safe experience for visitors with limited mobility and other challenges. However, the design and structure of the building don't allow wheelchair users or visitors who require walking aids to be evacuated safely in the event of an emergency.

Despite several discussions and attempts to make the tower accessible, the authorities have not yet been able to devise procedures and the infrastructure to safely evacuate visitors with mobility challenges.

Hence, as of today, they cannot enter the Berlin TV tower for their safety.

Visitors with limited vision can enter the tower accompanied by service dogs.

Queues at the Berlin TV Tower

  • Ticketing queue: Visitors who need to purchase tickets on-site have to queue at the ticket counters. The wait time in line could last up to two hours depending on the season.
  • Security screening queue: All visitors, including those with skip-the-line or fast-view tickets, must undergo a mandatory security check. Depending on the season and the crowds, waiting times in this queue could be around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Elevator queue: Visitors with tickets have to wait in line for the elevator that will take them up to the observation deck and the Sphere restaurant.
  • Restaurant reservations: Those with reservations for the Sphere restaurant might have a separate queue or designated waiting area, especially if there's a specific time slot for their reservation.

To avoid waiting in long lines at the ticketing queue, we recommend you purchase Berlin TV Tower skip-the-line tickets online. This will allow you to spend more time at the observation deck. If you want to dine at the Sphere restaurant, you have to book those tickets in advance, as there is usually a long waitlist. 

How to enter the Berlin TV Tower?

Frequently asked questions about the Berlin TV Tower entrance

How many entrances does the Berlin TV Tower have?

The Berlin TV Tower has only one entrance, which is used by all visitors, regardless of the type of ticket they purchase.

Where is the Berlin TV Tower entrance?

The entrance to the Berlin TV Tower is located at the base of the building. It is accessible from the pedestrian area of Alexanderplatz. 

What is the Berlin TV Tower entrance fee?

Berlin TV Tower tickets start from . If you opt for tickets that include restaurant reservations or additional features, the prices may be higher. 

What is the average wait time at the Berlin TV Tower entrance?

If you purchase Berlin TV Tower tickets on-site during the peak season, wait times can go up to 2 hours. If you book your tickets in advance, you have to wait 15 to 20 minutes in the queue for the security check. Visitors with skip-the-line tickets have shorter wait times, around 10 minutes, to complete the security check, after which they can proceed directly to the elevators that take you up to the observation deck area.

How can I avoid waiting in line at the Berlin TV Tower entrance?

If you book Berlin TV Tower skip-the-line tickets online in advance, you can enjoy priority access and save time by avoiding the long ticket lines.

Which Berlin TV Tower entrance do skip-the-line ticket holders use?

There is no separate entrance for Berlin TV Tower skip-the-line ticket holders. If you book these tickets in advance, you can avoid waiting in the ticket queues. However, you will have to go through the security check.

Which Berlin TV Tower entrance should wheelchair users use?

Wheelchair users and those who require mobility aids cannot access the Berlin TV Tower. At present, the TV tower does not have adequate measures to evacuate visitors with mobility challenges in case of an emergency. However, visitors with impaired vision can bring their guide dogs and use the main entrance to access the tower.