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All you need to know about the Berlin TV Tower | Opening hours, history, visitor tips, & more

The Berlin TV Tower, also known as Fernsehturm Berlin, is an iconic symbol of the city's reunification. Constructed between 1965 and 1969 in the former East Berlin, the architecture reflects the socialist modernist style prevalent in East Germany during the Cold War. The sphere at the top, housing a revolving restaurant and observation deck, showcases an elegant contrast with the slender shaft below. The tower represented East Germany's technological prowess while also acting as a symbol of communication between the divided East and West Berlin.

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Berlin Fernsehturm

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Hermann Henselmann

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Fun facts

Secret bugging device: During the Cold War, the West German intelligence agency discovered that the German Democratic Republic had hidden a listening device in the Tower's sphere. This allowed them to eavesdrop on conversations in nearby government buildings and even the US Embassy. The device was operational for several years until its discovery in the 1990s.

Easter egg lighting: The TV Tower has a quirky tradition during Easter. Every year, the tower's sphere is transformed into a giant Easter egg with special lighting arrangements. This festive touch adds a playful and unexpected element to the iconic structure, delighting locals and tourists.

Original design modification: The original design of the TV Tower included a cross at the top. However, the communist government decided to remove the cross during construction, as it was considered a religious symbol. The decision sparked controversy and was seen as a political statement in the officially atheist German Democratic Republic.

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What to do at the Berlin TV Tower?

Berliner Fernsehturm. Berlin TV Tower Views.

Enjoy the Berlin cityscape

A must-have visit for those seeking stunning panoramic views of Berlin. Located at a height of 203 meters, enjoy a 360-degree view of the city. See famous landmarks such as the Reichstag building, the Berlin Wall, and the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin TV Tower Restaurants
Berlin Fernsehturm | Berlin TV Tower

Buy souvenirs from the Gift Shop

Purchase a token from the tower to give to yourself or loved ones. Explore the shop that is located at the Berlin TV Tower. From kitchen magnets, keychains to miniatures of the Berlin TV Tower, commemorate your visit to the tower and add to your experience.

Berlin TV Tower History

Learn about the Tower’s history

If you love history and want to learn more about the construction and significance of the Berlin TV Tower, check out the exhibition on the ground floor. Immerse yourself in the history of the Tower and understand its importance to modern-day Berlin.

History of the Berlin TV Tower

The Berlin TV Tower, or Fernsehturm, has a rich history rooted in Cold War-era Germany. Constructed between 1965 and 1969 in East Berlin, it was intended to symbolize the strength and technological prowess of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The sphere at the top serves both functional and symbolic purposes, housing observation platforms and a rotating restaurant. The tower was strategically positioned near Alexanderplatz, making it a visible symbol of East German power.

Since the reunification of Germany in 1990, the Berlin TV Tower has transformed into a unifying emblem for the entire city. Today, it is not only an architectural marvel but also a popular tourist attraction, offering breathtaking views of Berlin and its history from its observation decks.

Who built the Berlin TV Tower?

The Berlin Tower was designed and constructed by a team of architects with Hermann Henselmann at the forefront. Fritz Leonhardt was responsible for the engineering aspects of the construction which were commissioned by the government of East Germany. The completion of the Berlin TV Tower was a major architectural and engineering achievement as new and innovative construction techniques were deployed to handle the huge antenna that sits atop the tower.

Architecture and design of the Berlin TV Tower

Built in the 1960s in the former East Berlin, the TV Tower's design reflects a mix of modernist and socialist architectural styles. Its sleek, cylindrical shape and distinctive spherical observation deck create a futuristic aesthetic. The tower's mirrored sphere houses a rotating restaurant, providing panoramic views of the city. The design was a significant feat during its time, showcasing technological innovation. Today, the Berlin TV Tower remains a testament to Cold War-era design and a prominent landmark in the heart of the city.

Frequently asked questions about the Berlin TV Tower

What is the Berlin TV Tower?

The Berlin TV Tower is the tallest building in the city and a symbol of the reunification between East and West Germany, which was constructed in 1969. It offers panoramic views of the city and a unique revolving restaurant experience.

Where is Berlin TV Tower?

The Berlin TV Tower is located in the central district of Berlin in the Alexanderplatz area, on Panoramastraße 1A, 10178 Berlin, Germany. 

What is Berlin TV Tower famous for?

The Berlin TV Tower is famous for its unique and modern architectural style as well as its 360-degree views of the city. The tower also offers a virtual tour, that details the history and construction process of the Tower. You can also enjoy a meal at its Sphere Restaurant and take in the changing views.

Why should I visit Berlin TV Tower?

You should visit the Berlin TV Tower to enjoy the panoramic views of the city, dine at the revolving restaurant, and learn more about Berlin’s history. 

How do I book tickets to visit Berlin TV Tower?

You can get your Berlin TV Tower tickets online and enjoy fast access and attractive discounts.

Who built the Berlin TV Tower?

The Berlin TV Tower was built by the East German government in 1969. The team of architects was led by Hermann Henselmann.

Who designed the Berlin TV Tower?

The Berlin TV Tower was designed and built by Hermann Henselmann and his team. It was built to showcase the prowess of the German Democratic Republic and features an observation deck, a revolving restaurant, and more.

When did the Berlin TV Tower open?

The Berlin TV Tower was first opened to the public in 1969. The construction began in 1965.

What’s inside the Berlin TV Tower?

The Berlin TV Tower has a observation deck, a revolving restaurant, a gift shop, and immersive virtual reality experiences inside.

What are the Berlin TV Tower opening hours?

The Berlin TV Tower is open to the public from 10 AM to 11 PM daily throughout the year. It is only closed on 11th March and 4th November.

Why is the Berlin TV Tower important?

The historical significance, representation of unity, and the tourist appeal of the place make the Berlin TV Tower an important landmark in Berlin.

Is it worth visiting Berlin TV Tower?

Yes, it is worth visiting the Berlin TV Tower if you want to see some of the most spectacular views of the city, relish some delicious German food, and know more about the history and significance of the tallest building in Germany.