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Berlin, the vibrant capital of Germany, offers a captivating fusion of history and modernity. You can immerse yourself in iconic landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall while also indulging in the city's artistic and culinary delights.

One must-visit attraction is the Studio of Wonders, an interactive content studio located in Berlin and Munich, which offers immersive rooms and installations for you to explore. Keep reading to find out the various ticket options to explore the Studio of Wonders and its interactive exhibits, along with fascinating insights into the captivating history and future of visual storytelling.

All Your Studio of Wonders Berlin Ticket Options Explained

Before diving head-first into learning about the fascinating Studio of Wonders, check out the available ticket options so you can make your best pick!

Studio of Wonders

What is the Best Way To Book Studio of Wonders Berlin Tickets? Book Online

The best way to buy Studio of Wonders tickets is to purchase them online. Online purchase of tickets will avail you of the following benefits:

  • Advance Booking: Secure your entry in advance, ensuring availability on your preferred date and time.
  • Convenience: Skip the queues and purchase tickets from the comfort of your home or on the go.
  • Discounts: Enjoy potential cost savings with exclusive online offers and promotions.

Studio of Wonders Berlin Highlights

Studio of Wonders Tickets

Crazy Mirror Rooms

Enter a whimsical realm where mirrors bend reality, creating amusing and surreal reflections. Lose yourself in a maze of fun and confusion, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of captivating visual distortions.

Studio of Wonders Tickets

Subway Car

Journey back in time as you step into an authentic vintage subway car, immersing yourself in the bustling ambiance of a bygone era. Experience the nostalgia of urban travel and its unique charm.

Studio of Wonders Tickets

Optical Illusions

Prepare to be mesmerized by mind-bending optical tricks that challenge your perception. Unravel the secrets behind these visual wonders as you explore the fascinating world of cinematic illusion.

Studio of Wonders Tickets

Augmented Reality

Immerse yourself in a groundbreaking experience where the boundaries between real and virtual blur. Interact with captivating digital elements, and be awestruck by the seamless integration of augmented reality.

Studio of Wonders Tickets

Upside-Down Rooms

Defy gravity in rooms where the ceiling becomes the floor, and the world is turned topsy-turvy. Indulge in a playful exploration of perception, leaving you with a delightful sense of wonder and amusement.

Plan Your Visit To Studio of Wonder Berlin

Getting There
Visitor Tips
Studio of Wonders Tickets

Opening hours: 10 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Sunday

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Studio of Wonders Berlin is during weekdays or non-peak hours to avoid crowds and fully enjoy the interactive exhibits and immersive experiences.

Studio of Wonders Tickets

Address: Mall of Berlin - 2. OG, Leipziger Platz 12, 10117 Berlin

Find on Maps

  • By Subway: Take the U2 subway from Ruhleben
    Closest stop: Potsdamer Platz, which is a 1 minute away from Studio of Wonders
  • By Bus: Hop on Bus M45 from Ruhleben and then switch to Buss 200 from Berlin Zoologischer Garten railway.
    Closest stop: Potsdamer Platz, a minute or two's walk to the Studio.
  • By Car: Take the Spandauer Damm, Otto-Suhr-Allee and B2 to Leipziger Pl, to the Studio of Wonders.
    Time taken: It's around 11 km of drive. Also, the mall where the Studio is situated also offers car parking.
Studio of Wonders Tickets
  • Clean and well-maintained restroom facilities.
  • Locker facilities are available on-site.
  • Fascinating backdrops for Instagram-worthy photographs.
  • Friendly staff for all your queries.
  • Paid photographers are also available for groups of 10 people, but you would have to make the booking with the Studio directly five days before your visit.
Studio of Wonders Tickets

The Studio of Wonders is wheelchair accessible, thus ensuring that everyone can fairly enjoy their interactive installations.

Studio of Wonders Tickets
  • Berlin Coffee (300m): A charming café serving artisanal coffee sourced from local roasters. Enjoy freshly baked pastries, cozy seating, and a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for a coffee break during your visit to the Studio of Wonders.
  • Hauptstadtburger (300m): A burger haven offering gourmet creations with locally-sourced, top-quality ingredients. Taste the juicy patties, artisanal buns, and a variety of toppings, ensuring a satisfying and flavorful dining experience.
  • Best Curry (300m): Dive into a world of aromatic spices and authentic flavors at Best Curry. This restaurant promises a culinary adventure with a range of delectable curry dishes.
Studio of Wonders Tickets
  • Pets are not allowed inside the Studio.
  • Ensure not to damage any installations and maintain a safe distance.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the Studio.
  • You cannot stay over the 1 hour and 30 minutes mark, so ensure to not overdue your stay.
  • Smoking isn’t allowed inside the premises.
Studio of Wonders Tickets
  • DDR Museum (2.7 km): Immerse yourself in East Germany's history at the DDR Museum. Engage with interactive exhibits, authentic artifacts, and personal stories, offering a vivid glimpse into life behind the Berlin Wall.
  • Brandenburg Gate (2.1 km): Stand before the majestic Brandenburg Gate, an enduring symbol of German unity and history. Learn about its significance, surviving turbulent times, and now standing as a national treasure.
  • Berliner Fernsehturm (4 km): Rise above the city at the iconic Berliner Fernsehturm, offering panoramic views from its observation deck. Discover a 360-degree skyline, capturing the city's historical and modern landmarks.
  • The Wall Museum (5.7 km): Delve into the poignant history of the Berlin Wall at The Wall Museum—witness gripping accounts, artifacts, and multimedia displays commemorating the divided city's reunification.
Studio of Wonders Tickets
  • Avoid long queues by purchasing tickets in advance online to secure your preferred time slot.
  • Plan to arrive early to make the most of your visit and beat the crowds.
  • Bring your camera or smartphone to capture memorable moments throughout the Studio.
  • Dress comfortably to enjoy the various exhibits and rooms without restrictions.
  • If possible, visit on weekdays to avoid peak weekend crowds and have a more relaxed visit.
  • Plan a visit to nearby restaurants for a delightful dining experience before or after your studio tour.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studio of Wonders Berlin Tickets

Where can I buy Studio of Wonders Berlin tickets?

You can buy Studio of Wonders Berlin tickets online or on-site.

Can I buy Studio of Wonders Berlin tickets online?

Yes, you can buy Studio of Wonders Berlin tickets online for convenience.

What is the cost of Studio of Wonders Berlin tickets?

The cost of Studio of Wonders Berlin tickets starts from €19.90.

Can I get a discount on Studio of Wonders Berlin tickets?

Discounted ticket prices are available for kids up to the age of 18 years.

Where is Studio of Wonders Berlin located?

Studio of Wonders Berlin is located at the Mall of Berlin - 2. OG, Leipziger Platz 12, 10117 Berlin

What are some of the highlights of Studio of Wonders Berlin?

Highlights of Studio of Wonders Berlin include interactive film studio, augmented reality, and optical illusions.

How to reach Studio of Wonders Berlin?

You can reach Studio of Wonders Berlin via public transportation or by car.

What are the timings of the Studio of Wonders Berlin?

The timings of Studio of Wonders Berlin are from 10 AM to 8 PM. You can book a slot for 1.5 hours, according to your preference.

Is Studio of Wonders Berlin wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Studio of Wonders Berlin is wheelchair accessible to ensure a comfortable experience for all visitors.

Is photography allowed in Studio of Wonders Berlin?

Yes, photography is usually allowed for personal use. You can also apprise the Studio five days in advance if you would like to book a professional photographer.

Is it worth visiting the Studio of Wonders Berlin?

Yes, the Studio of Wonders in Berlin is worth visiting as it offers a unique and exciting experience with over 30 interactive installations built for taking amazing pictures and videos.