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Illuseum Berlin photos | Exhibits that twist perceptions

Illuseum Berlin | A trip through mind-bending wonders

Step inside the Museum of Illusions in Berlin and explore a realm of unique exhibits, which seem to muddle your perception of reality. You can make faces at your split self in the Mirror room, test your balance in the Vortex tunnel, or defy gravity in the Upside-down room. Each exhibit engages the visitors, urging them to try out the illusions by themselves. Whether you are looking for a fun day out or want to understand the science behind these illusions in detail, the Illuseum is a must-visit when traveling in Berlin. 

Frequently asked questions about Illuseum Berlin photos

Can I take pictures inside the Illuseum Berlin?

Yes, you can take as many pictures as you want inside the Illuseum Museum in Berlin. If you are a photography enthusiast, consider taking a pocket camera. The museum’s exhibits are designed to engage visitors in interactive play. You may find it troublesome to play around with the illusions while carrying a bulky camera.

Are there any restrictions on taking pictures at the Illuseum Berlin?

No, the Illuseum Berlin actively encourages visitors to engage with the exhibits and take as many pictures as they want. Bring your mobile phone or a pocket camera to capture your shenanigans as you explore the interactive illusions.

Are there any specific photo opportunities I should not miss inside the Museum of Illusions in Berlin?

The Illuseum in Berlin offers around 50 mind-bending exhibits that seem to muddle your perception of reality. The Mirror room creates innumerable reflections. Depending on their position, visitors appear either gigantic or tiny in the Ames room. The swirling patterns in the Vortex tunnel make you lose balance. Immerse yourself in these exhibits and have fun clicking funny photos.

Can I use a professional camera inside the Illuseum Museum in Berlin?

Yes, you can bring your mobile phones and cameras inside the Optical Illusion Museum in Berlin. However, we recommend carrying a pocket camera to roam hands-free inside and explore the exhibits freely.

Is it too crowded at the Illuseum Berlin?

Weekends are generally more crowded than weekdays at the Illuseum Berlin. Certain exhibits like the Ames room, Mirror room, and the Vortex tunnel are always packed no matter which day you choose to visit. Try to plan your visit to the Illuseum early in the morning around 11 am or after 5 pm for less crowd at the exhibits.

What to see at the Illuseum Berlin?

The Berlin Illuseum offers a number of intriguing exhibits for visitors to try, which seem to twist reality. Look at your multiple reflections in the Mirror room, fulfill your childhood dream of hanging from the ceiling in the Ames room, or test your balance in the Vortex tunnel. The Illuseum also offers a section on mind games, puzzles, and holographic illusions.