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Berlin Dungeon

Experience Berlin's history with Berlin Dungeon Entrance Ticket. Opt for a combo option for more adventure.

Berlin Wall Museum

The Wall Museum Berlin sits adjacent to the renowned East Side Gallery Berlin, the city center's sole remaining section of the Berlin Wall. At The Wall Museum, explore the history of the division of Berlin and the joyous event of the fall of the wall through immersive multimedia experiences. Book Berlin Wall Museum tickets and enjoy skip-the-line entry with guided tours!

DDR Museum

Dubbed the "most interactive museum in the world", the DDR museum in Berlin is a must-visit. Here, you are encouraged to interact with the exhibitions to help you get a true feel of what it was like in former East Germany. Book your tickets now and enjoy discounted prices!

Studio of Wonders

Step into a world of wonder and creativity at the Studio of Wonders in Berlin. Explore themed rooms designed for unique photo opportunities and immersive experiences with our tickets. Capture moments of magic during your visit.

Illuseum Berlin

Unveil the secrets of perception and artistry at Illuseum Berlin. Enter a captivating world of optical illusions, interactive exhibits, and mind-bending art with our tickets, ensuring a sensory and perceptual journey you won't forget.

DeJa Vu Museum

Enjoy mind-bending optical illusions at Berlin's DeJa Vu Museum. Marvel at the wide range of interactive exhibits that will deceive your eyes. With themed mirror rooms, gallery spaces and a variety of interactive pizzles, DeJa Vu Museum is definitely a must-visit attraction for one and all!

Fotografiska Tickets

Dive into this collection to discover a universe captured through lenses. From iconic shots to groundbreaking perspectives, Fotografiska offers a feast for the eyes. Capture the moment – get your tickets now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 3 museums in Berlin?
  1. Pergamon Museum
  2. German Historical Museum
  3. Berlinische Galerie
Which is the most-visited museum in Berlin?

The Pergamon is the most visited museum in Berlin, with over 1.5M visitors annually.

Are there any art museums in Berlin?
  1. The Gemäldegalerie
  2. The Neue Nationalgalerie
  3. The Berlinische Galerie
What are some must-see artifacts or exhibits in the museums of Berlin?
  1. Pergamon Altar | Pergamon Museum
  2. The Ishtar Gate of Babylon | Pergamon Museum
  3. Nefertiti Bust | The Berlinische Galerie
Are there any science museums in Berlin?
  1. The German Museum of Technology
  2. The Natural History Museum
  3. The Futurium
Are there any entertainment museums in Berlin?
  1. The German Film Museum
  2. Museum of Musical Instruments
  3. Computerspielemuseum Berlin
What are the top museums in Berlin for kids?
  1. The German Museum of Technology
  2. Natural History Museum
  3. Labyrinth Children's Museum
How much do museum tickets usually cost in Berlin?

Berlin Museum tickets cost around €5-€19. Charges vary according to the museums. For example, the entry fee for the Pergamon Museum is €19, whereas the Museum of Natural History’s entry fee is around €5-€12.

Are there any discounts on Berlin museum tickets for kids?

Some museums in Berlin offer free entry and some museums charge an entry fee. In the case of paid entry, most museums allow children below a certain age to enter for free.

Are there any free museums in Berlin?
  1. Museum Island
  2. Topography of Terror
  3. Berlin Wall Memorial
Are there any hidden gems or lesser-known museums in Berlin?
  1. Bröhan Museum
  2. Museum Berggruen
  3. Museum of Islamic Art
  4. Schwules Museum
Is there an age limit for entering museums in Berlin?

There are usually no age limits to enter museums. Certain exhibits deemed inappropriate for children might be off-limits, but children are allowed entry into museums. Usually, children below 16 have to be accompanied by an adult.

Are museums in Berlin accessible to all?

Museums in Berlin generally aim to cater to all audiences. For people with motor disabilities, there is step-free access and ramps in the museums. For visually impaired people, audio guides are available for use. For people with hearing disabilities, the museums in Berlin have guides who are fluent in sign language.

Is there a dress code for museums in Berlin?

Berlin museums do not enforce any dress codes. It is advisable to dress comfortably and modestly, while being respectful of the local culture.

Do museums in Berlin involve a lot of walking?

Yes, visiting a museum in Berlin would take at least 3-4 hours, a lot of which would involve moving from one exhibit to another. Do make sure to wear comfortable shoes for the outing.

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