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What is Movie Park?

One of Germany’s most popular attractions, Bottrop Movie Park is an immersive theme park that caters to the inner cinephile in all of us. With its unique blend of adrenaline-pumping rides, captivating shows, and compelling movie-themed attractions, this destination promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

Highlights of Movie Park Germany

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  • Ridin’ the Day Out: Experience heart-pounding excitement on thrilling roller coasters as you dive into 7 immersive themed arenas for a full day of excitement.
  • A Fantasy Carnival: Get starstruck as you meet iconic TV heroes from PAW Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • A Starry Affair: Immerse yourself in Hollywood history at Santa Monica Pier, where legendary films like Forrest Gump, Titanic, and Iron Man were shot.
  • Show Down: Brace yourself for the spectacular stunt show Operation Red Carpet and explore over 40 captivating attractions, including the out-of-this-world Star Trek Operation Enterprise coaster.
  • Tinseltown Charm: Enjoy a day of pure magic and adventure, where you'll journey through Hollywood Street, the Streets of New York, and Federation Plaza. 

Themed Areas at Movie Park

Craving a nostalgic dip with SpongeBob? Or want to make your silver screen dreams come true? From the 7 themed areas at Movie Park, the choice is yours to make.

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Hollywood Street

Walk down the iconic Hollywood Boulevard, lined with movie theaters and famous landmarks. Pose with the Walk of Fame stars and catch glimpses of celebrities. Don't miss the chance to explore the sets of legendary films like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future.

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Streets of New York

Step into the bustling streets of the Big Apple, where yellow taxis zip by and hot dog vendors tempt your taste buds. Encounter Spider-Man swinging through the skyscrapers and immerse yourself in the world of Marvel superheroes.

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Santa Monica Pier

Experience the sun-soaked atmosphere of the Santa Monica Pier, inspired by the vibrant beachfront destination in California. Relive movie moments of Forrest Gump, Titanic, Iron Man and Sharknadoas you stroll along the pier, famous for its appearances in blockbuster films, and soak up the lively coastal ambience.

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Federation Plaza

Join the Star Trek crew on a thrilling mission at Federation Plaza. Board the intergalactic launch coaster, Star Trek Operation Enterprise, and prepare for warp speed. Engage with Starfleet officers and explore the futuristic world of the beloved sci-fi franchise.

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The Old West

Travel back in time to the Wild West and witness epic showdowns and daring stunts. Channel your inner cowboy as you roam through the town, featuring authentic sets from classic Western films.

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Enter the world of Nickelodeon and nostalgia as you meet old favourites like SpongeBob SquarePants and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Splash around in water-based adventures, experience interactive shows, and enjoy family-friendly fun.

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Hollywood Studio Set

Step behind the scenes and feel like a star. Walk through the iconic soundstages and explore the glamorous world of movie-making. From action-packed scenes to romantic dramas, immerse yourself in the magic of Hollywood with interactive exhibits and thrilling attractions.

Things To Do at Movie Park

Choose what you would want to do according to your mood for thrill, entertainment or humour: Movie Park has something for everyone.

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Get your adrenaline pumping on thrilling rides like the gravity-defying NYC Transformer or explore the Wild West with The Bandit: a wooden roller coaster. Feel the excitement of intergalactic adventures and epic showdowns inspired by your favourite pop-culture moments.

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Be amazed by the sensational stunt show, Operation Red Carpet, where daredevils perform jaw-dropping feats. Immerse yourself in live musical performances by Nick Toons and Paw Patrol, showcasing fun dance moves and captivating storytelling that will leave you in awe.

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Meeting Characters

Meet beloved TV heroes such as the courageous PAW Patrol pups, the mighty Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the hilarious SpongeBob SquarePants. Interact with your favourite characters and create unforgettable memories.

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Movie Sets

Step into the magical world of cinema as you explore authentic movie sets. Walk the iconic Hollywood Street and immerse yourself in the bustling Streets of New York, experiencing the charm and grandeur of famous film locations.

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Let your little ones unleash their imagination at Nickland, a delightful playground featuring beloved Nickelodeon characters. Enjoy splashy adventures, interactive games, and exciting rides designed especially for children, ensuring endless fun for the whole family.

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Indulge in retail therapy at the park's shops, where you can find movie-themed merchandise, collectibles, and souvenirs to commemorate your experience. Take home a piece of the magic and show off your love for all things pop culture, which includes postcards, wearables, keychains and more .

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Fuel your adventures with a variety of dining options, from quick bites to sit-down restaurants. Try themed culinary delights, indulge in delicious snacks like slushies and classic pizzas, and savour mouthwatering meals, catering to every taste bud and providing sustenance for your action-packed day.

Know Before You Visit

Here is a handy guide on everything you need to know before you begin your experience at Movie Park!

Getting There
Park Rules
Food & Drinks
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  • On Weekdays:
    April, May, September, and October: 10 AM - 6 PM
    June, July, and August: 10 AM - 7 PM
  • On Sundays and Holidays:
    April, May, September, and October: 10 AM - 7 PM
    June, July, and August: 10 AM - 8 PM
  • Halloween Horror Festival:
    September 23 - October 31, 2023: 10 AM - 11 PM
  • Best time to visit: The best time to visit Movie Park Germany is during the summer season, which runs from April to October. During this time, the park is open from 9 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and until 7 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. The weather is usually warm and sunny, making it ideal for outdoor activities and water rides
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Address: Warner-Allee 1, 46244 Bottrop, Germany

Find on Map

  • By Train: RE14 (from Essen station), RB44 (from Oberhausen station), RB43 (from Dortmund station) 
    Nearest Stop: Feldhausen
  • By Bus: 267, SB16, X42
    Nearest Stop: Movie Park
  • By Car: From the A31, take exit 39 (Bottrop-Feldhausen) or exit 40 (Kirchhellen).
    Car Parking: Paid parking space at the park
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  • Information: If you need assistance, you can visit the Visitor Welcome Center near the fountain during park hours.
  • ATMs: Three ATMs are conveniently located within the park for your cash withdrawal needs.
  • Lost property office: Located on Hollywood Boulevard near the entrance, the park's lost property office operates throughout its opening hours.
  • Lockers: Rent lockers at the lost property office to securely store your belongings while enjoying the park's attractions.
  • First aid: A dedicated first aid station is available within the park to provide medical assistance if required.
  • Toilets: Clean restroom facilities are conveniently located throughout the park for your convenience.
  • Diaper changing facilities: Restrooms equipped with diaper changing facilities are provided for mothers to attend to their babies needs.
  • Parking: Paid parking is available for vehicles, ensuring convenient access to the park.
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  • Movie Park is accessible for visitors with disabilities, except for a few rides. 
  • Guests with disabilities can obtain a free Special Pass at the guest information desk with valid documentation, granting access to the Speedy Pass Bronze benefits, which can be used to skip the line by reserving attractions via cellphone and using the Speedy Pass entrance at the specified time.
  • The park provides spacious toilet facilities suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Dogs are generally not allowed, except for registered assistance dogs. Companion dogs must be kept on a leash and registered at the cash desk.
  • Wheelchair rental is available at the "Lost and Found" area for visitors who require mobility assistance on the day of their visit.
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  • Certain attractions have safety-based restrictions based on height or age. Guests should check the park's website or ask staff for specific information before riding.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside park buildings and attractions.
  • Except for baby food and special dietary requirements, visitors are not permitted to bring their own food or drinks into the park.
  • Guests should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the park's attractions. Swimwear is allowed only in the designated water park area.
  • With the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed within the park premises.
  • Visitors are prohibited from bringing weapons or any dangerous items into the park for the safety and well-being of all guests.
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  • Pier Side Inn: Immerse yourself in the summer vibe on the promenade and indulge in tasty snacks that perfectly capture the season's essence.
  • Slush Ice Factory: Beat the heat with refreshing slush drinks in vibrant colours, adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to your experience.
  • California Café: Treat yourself to a coffee break reminiscent of Hollywood stars at this café, where you can savour the rich flavours of expertly brewed beverages.
  • Western Ranch: For cowboys and bandits on the go, this eatery offers quick and satisfying snacks that embrace the spirit of the Wild West.
  • Pizza & Pasta: Delight in classic Italian dishes infused with a Mediterranean twist, serving a fusion of flavours that will transport your taste buds.
  • New York Grill: Experience a never-ending barbecue season at this heart-of-New-York grill, where mouthwatering grilled delights take centre stage.
  • Asia Wok: Indulge in your cravings for Asian cuisine with a variety of delicious noodles, satisfying your taste buds at the renowned Wok of Fame.
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  • Bandit Shop: Western-themed souvenirs for cowboys and cowgirls, celebrating Germany's first wooden roller coaster.
  • Candy and Sweets: Indulge in lollipops, wine gums, chocolate, and popcorn for a sweet treat.
  • Department Store: Explore a wide range of Hollywood movie-themed items and souvenirs.
  • Witches and Wizards: Discover magical merchandise and essentials for aspiring magicians.
  • Sunset Boulevard: Design your own costumes and props or find engravable awards at this shop for aspiring filmmakers.
  • Global Heroes: The ultimate superhero hotspot with T-shirts, action figures, and collector's items for devoted fans.

Visitor Tips

  • Arrive early: To avoid crowds and long lines, try to get to the park early in the day before it gets too busy.
  • Dress comfortably: It's important to wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable for walking and standing as the areas require long walks and the rides would be safer in fitter clothes.
  • Protect yourself: Don't forget to bring sunscreen to shield yourself from the sun, and make sure to stay hydrated.
  • Secure your belongings: If you want to keep your items safe while you enjoy the park, you can use the locker rentals available at the lost property office.
  • Explore milder attractions: If you're not a fan of intense rides, you can discover the park's more gentle options such as water rides and merry-go-rounds.

All Your Questions About Movie Park Tickets Answered

What is Movie Park?

Movie Park Germany is a theme park located in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, Germany. It features rides and attractions based on popular movies and TV shows.

How much do Movie Park tickets cost?

The cost of Movie Park tickets start at €36.90.

Where is Movie Park located?

Movie Park Germany is located at Warner-Allee 1, 46244 Bottrop, Germany.

Can I reach Movie Park by public transport?

Yes, Movie Park Germany can be reached by public transport. Visitors can take the train to Bottrop Station and then take a shuttle bus to the park.

What are the Movie Park opening hours?

While the timings of Movie Park vary from season to season, it generally remains open from 10 AM to 6 PM.

What’s the best time to visit Movie Park?

The best time to visit Movie Park Germany is during the summer season, from April to October.

How much time do I need at Movie Park?

You can spend a full day at Movie Park Germany to experience all the rides and attractions.

Are there lockers and storage facilities available at Movie Park?

Yes, lockers and storage facilities are available at Movie Park Germany for a fee.

Can I leave my children alone at Movie Park?

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at Movie Park Germany.

Is there a parking space inside Movie Park?

Yes, there is a parking lot available at Movie Park Germany for a fee.

Are food and beverages allowed into Movie Park?

Outside food and beverages are not allowed into Movie Park Germany, but there are several restaurants and food stands available inside the park.

What type of restaurants does Movie Park offer?

Movie Park Germany offers a variety of restaurants and food stands, serving everything from fast food to sit-down meals.

Is there a baby room inside Movie Park?

Yes, there is a baby room available at Movie Park Germany for parents with young children.

Are wheelchairs available inside Movie Park?

Yes, wheelchairs are available for rent at Movie Park Germany.

Can I get First Aid at Movie Park?

Yes, First Aid stations are available at Movie Park Germany.